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If refers to aids for handicapped supporting their daily lives.
There include various devices and software products applicable to assistive technology aids such as;

Devices and software designed for sight impaired to assist to read the display by zooming the screen or by speaking the text via computer......
Special input devices and software to assist the operation of computer for people with hands and arms impairment ......
Communication aids and assisting software to support speech impaired ......
Environmental Control Units for controlling their environment by even one switch ...... etc.

Technology developed in such a high informational society can be applied to tools for people with different disabilities, easy to use and convenient as;

Tools for social coming out ......
Tools for enlargement of their world ......
Tools for implementation of their dreams.....


Device development

History:December 14, 1994 Established Technotools Co., Ltd.
December 28, 1998 Opened Inagi office.
June 28, 1999 Reorganized as Technotools Corporation.
Capital:10 million yen.

Main Business Contents:

Device development

  1. Planning, development, production, and sales of aids (Assistive Technology products) for handicapped to support their lives including;
    • Communication aids (Devices for assisting communication).
    • Environmental Control Unit (Units for controlling household appliances such as telephone and TV).
    • Computer related hardware (Special input devices, braille devices, sound synthesizer, and key guards etc.).
    • Devices related to special education and/or rehabilitation.
  2. Service for assisting installation of PCs
  3. Planning, development, production, and sales of peripherals.
  4. Supporting employment of disabled and consultation.

Software development

  1. Building a network environment for handicapped to work at home.
  2. Development of custom software using above network.
  3. Development of software for special education and/or rehabilitation.


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